Hope in Crisis: Emergency Relief for Domestic Abuse Victims

For the community at Expats Paris, it’s essential to shed light on crucial local support systems, particularly for those confronting

Life in the Suburbs: The Choice Between Paris Intramuros and Beyond

Welcome to the ultimate urban showdown: Paris Intramuros vs. the Serene Suburbs.  It’s the kind of decision that can make or break

The 4 Key Steps to Nailing Your Real Estate Purchase in Paris

Embarking on the journey to buy real estate is an exhilarating adventure, filled with both opportunities and challenges.  Whether youR

Key Changes in French Immigration Law and What They Mean for Expatriates in Paris

The latest immigration bill, proposed by the French government, is a complex and multifaceted piece of legislation aimed at addressing var

Navigating New Work Norms: A Must-Read Guide for Expat Professionals in Paris

In an ever-evolving work environment, expat professionals in Paris must stay informed about the latest employment regulations.  As of

The Essential Toolkit: Ten Websites For Navigating French Bureaucracy

Ah, Paris! The allure of its romantic boulevards, world-class art, and delectable cuisine draws many to its heart.  But as every Pari

Demystifying France’s Digital Services Tax: Navigating the Future of Taxation

In the dynamic landscape of the digital age, France embarked on an epochal journey in July 2019. It sowed the seeds of a pioneering tax la

Employee Dismissal Over Values: A French Legal Perspective

In a landmark ruling, the French Court of Cassation has underscored the importance of protecting employees’ freedom of expression an

Jurisprudence: Expanding Boundaries – French Court Grants Grandchildren Path to Nationality

Can foreign grandchildren obtain French nationality through their grandparents?  This question of nationality and family lineage was

Rentrée 2023: What’s New in September?

As September unfolds, France welcomes a series of significant changes and updates across various aspects of life.  From pension refor

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