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About Us

Thank you for visiting Expats Paris. We reach out to the international community living in or visiting Paris: diplomats, foreign correspondents, students, expats employed by local, national or multinational companies, people on vacation or travelling for business… We also cater to the interests of local residents with strong ties to the expatriates community.

Our mission is to enable members to interact with other globally-minded individuals who share similar needs and interests. As an Expats Paris member, you can meet new friends, develop new business contacts, and exchange reliable information on expat-related topics.

Whether you are new to Paris, are thinking of moving to Paris, or have lived here for some time, we’re sure you’ll find some great content related to accommodations, studies, job opportunities, visas, and networking with locals and internationals from France, Europe and elsewhere.

Welcome once again. We look forward to helping you feel at home in Paris and hope to see you at our next event!

Meet the Team

The enthusiastic people behind Expats Paris

Michael Bahati Michael Bahati
- Founder & Community Champion -
Thinker, entrepreneur and founder of Expats Paris, Paris Talks and City Talks
Sugi-LIM Sugi Lim
- Community Champion -
I feel grateful anytime someone reaches out to me, because it gives me an opportunity to learn something more about different reasons that motivate people to move to Paris. I love the warm-fuzzies that come from helping people integrate into the Parisian way of life...

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Tony Tony Basu
- Community Champion -
Every day is different with Expats Paris, and I feel incredibly happy to be part of this community. For me, this is about learning. I love reaching out to our amazing community members and learning from their experiences so that we can make Expats Paris the best community it can possibly be!...

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Christian Christian Baker
- Community Champion -
I very quickly fell in love with Expats Paris after attending one of their parties in Paris. After that experience, I was hooked and knew being part of such a community of help and constant learning would be a dream. When I talked to the Expats Paris team, it just seemed like the perfect fit. I’ve always found joy in helping others meet new people. Outside of the office, I’m pretty addicted to everything IT Training-related...

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