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Expatriation: When your mental health starts declining & What to do about it.

Depression is a very serious medical and psychological disorder that puts one’s outlook on life in a very negative and dangerous perspective.

By its definition, depression drains your creative potential, your life purpose, your hope, energy and your motivation, making it extremely hard to feel better.

In fact, the WHO estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It’s also the world’s leading cause of disability.

It is a quite common disorder and it’s said that one third of people have experienced depression during their lifetimes, in one way or another and this can even get worse when you move abroad to start an expatriate adventure.

There seems to be a spiraling cycle that can lead from relocation stress to depression and, ultimately, suicide. Expatriates and their families experience significant degrees of stress. 


Paris-based Expat Influencers Reveal The Podcasts That Make Them Smarter

A mantra many Paris-based successful expatriates usually share with us is to “never stop learning.”

While it’s convenient for most people to add a few university courses or company’s business case studies to their already busy schedule, there’s a good chance that you would get a few minutes a day to listen to a podcast.

Whether you are listening during your commute to work or cooking up dinner, podcasts happen to be an amazing and great way to pass the time in an entertaining, engaging, and educational way—and, as you might already know, there are some pretty-smart listening experiences out there for the curious-minded.

So, if boosting your knowledge of history, science, current events, or a wide range of other topics is something you want to experience, these shows definitely offer some quick aural intelligence.


Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Moving To Paris (New eGuide)

At Expats Paris, we have, as its mission, the enablement of expats, whether new or established in the city, to be able to get together, forge new friendships and make business contacts. Expats Paris reaches out to the international community living in or visiting Paris, whether they be diplomats, foreign correspondents, students, or expatriates employed by small, middle or large multinational companies, or simply visiting or in town on business. We cater specifically to local expat residents. Expats Paris strives to give reliable information on expat-related topics in Paris.


7 Best Habits to Adopt For A Fulfilled Life in Paris.

This is for anyone that lives in Paris or wants to move here, anyone that’s committed to happiness and success.

You and I are creatures of habit. Have you ever realized that almost everything we think or do is actually a result of really-deep-seated habits that are etched into the mind through years and years of repetitive behaviors?

These very same habits either help to propel us forward or to hinder our progress in this life. Well, in fact, I think that the state and quality of our lives are basically a direct reflection of our daily habits.


The 2017 French Presidential Election: Top Candidates’ Migration Programmes.

I started writing this post from Valence, a southeastern French city where I've been invited by friends to spend the Easter weekend. I got back to Paris last night and had to finish it before publishing it today.

Like at any traditional French family mealtime, a few topics emerged going from food recipes, to world’s current affairs via the upcoming French presidential elections.

At Expats Paris, we don’t talk at about current issues, we don’t either write about French political issues.

While discussing with my friends (during this Easter five hours meal), I had a thought about an almost-similar conversation topic I had a few weeks ago with Christian and Tony on WhatsApp. Our conversation brought up concerns over the way French people should vote for. We basically expressed our worries about a candidate that may lead the country to a Frexit and lock it up to itself, throwing away all the cultural and economic benefits it’s been enjoying from its Foreign Policy and immigration, in particular.

Back to the dinner table.



Introducing Paris Talks: A Conference On The Future Of Humanity.

New York, United States: 20+ million people.

Lagos, Nigeria: 32+ million people.

Tokyo, Japan: one of the world’s most populous city with about 35 million residents.

Delhi, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Rome, Cairo, Luanda…

The world population is increasing every second.

By 2025, the world population will be over 8 billion people.

Around 2040 it could hit 9 billion and by 2100, it could reach a massive number of 11 billion people.

Even as I’m writing this post, we’re already 7 billion and counting.

Basically, the world’s population today is about 200,000 people larger than yesterday.

Every year we extract 55 billion tons of biomass, fossil energy, metal, and minerals from the earth. This is almost 10 tons for every person in the world. And for some of us over here in the western world, this number is much higher.

Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. Basically, If all this waste was put on trucks they would go around the world 24 times.


22 Great Questions To Ask Your Future French Boss

After publishing a French Employment Law guide, an anatomy of the French employment agency and the sectors that are recruiting expats in France, it’s time for a short update on some of the best questions to ask in your next interview with a French Company.

The reason we’re putting this list together is that, when you’re desperately looking for a job and get contacted back for one, it’s so easy to forget what an interview’s all about (especially in a French company). It sure feels like it’s about you, but I’ve come to realize that it’s really not.

A job interview is basically all about how you (especially if you’re an expat) can help your future employer succeed. It’s actually all about finding out what this potential future boss requires then matching up your background and rich experience with what he/she really needs.

And you know what? It’s actually very easy to overlook these job interview facts. Like in any other company in your country of origin, there’s so much else going on in your future work in France, your life, and in your job hunt, that you can easily forget to look at the interview from your French interviewer’s point de vue.

I tend to think that’s seriously shameful because the objective here is to make sure that your interviewer walks away from the interview very impressed.


Newcomers To Paris: 10 Things You Can start doing now that will help You in about five years.

When I moved to Paris, seven years ago, I was ready to embark on a remarkable adventure, which I knew would be engraved in my heart probably for the rest of my life.

It was an exciting feeling to arrive in Paris and see the city of light – a modern city with an amazing history. I will never forget when I first took the metro. It was like a completely new world. It was indeed loved at first sight. I knew I loved this city and I’d love to live here for an extensive amount of time.  

It was dark in the evening, the Christmas bulbs gave the whole city its lights. It was shining so bright, almost like daytime. The streets were very busy, with different people shopping from one shop to another. I was enthrall seeing The Palais Garnier, which is the Paris Opera House, and so many other remarkable landmarks.

So many things around me were pretty new. New Metro stations, new currency, New language (well, I spoke a little French then, but still Parisians have their own expressions than I had to learn), no friends around, new cuisine, new, new, new…


Top 20 Things I Don’t Want To Regret When I’m Old.

I’ve just celebrated my birthday.

I’m in my mid-thirties now!

This birthday has made me realize how years run way-too-fast.

This year’s birthday made me think a lot about the things I’d really want to do for myself, my friends, family and my country.

Basically, things that really matter.

I’d like to live life with no regrets, and I want to truly master that mantra.

I’ve realized that experiences can easily slip through one’s fingers from time to time, leaving one wondering “what if?”.


Should Expatriates Magazine and Fusac Merge?

What does the future hold for mergers and acquisitions activity?

That's one the questions a lot of business owners have always asked themselves for years.

It’s a question we’ve thought about on several occasions at Expats Paris.

After being approached, on several occasions, by small and/or medium businesses that work with and for the expatriate communities in Paris, we’ve always declined these offers because we’ve not yet implemented the entirety of our products according to the way they’re outlined on our products’ roadmap.

With current economic uncertainty and difficulties to access credits or raise funds, we’ve had moments when we were seriously tempted to accept an acquisition.

Acquisition, merger or the fear to shut down.

These are words that usually go through many entrepreneurs’ minds.


How to Make Friends In Paris

I’m writing this short guide for any expat or any other person as they plan on moving to Paris — but it can as well be applied to any situation in whatever city or place in the world and it’s for anyone who wants to connect with others.


10 Things No One Told Me About Becoming A “Successful” Parisian Expat

If places on earth could be likened to heaven, then the city of Paris should be top on the list of such places. It is a city full of life, owing to its plethora of attractions that leave every visitor overwhelmed. The city, popularly known as City of Love or City of Lights, offers it all from its inexplicable Eiffel Tower to the dazzling Seine River From art to glamour, it ensures visitors are left mesmerized. The enormous beauty of the entire city has made it the dream of many to live and work here.


We Mistakenly Shared A Breitbart’s Article About Paris On Social Media: Here’s What Happened Next.

Last saturday (26 Feb 2017), we mistakenly tweeted and posted on Facebook a article about the impact of terror attacks on Tourism in Paris. This tweet/post had a link that didn’t come from usual news sources. It came from Breitbart, the notorious far-right American news, opinion and commentary website that was founded in 2008. This news channel is known for notoriously offering provocative and deliberately outrageous commentary that is separate from its news coverage but also written by far-right bloggers and journalists.


Top 9 Reasons The French Language Is More Important To The French Than I Once Thought


Ever wonder why French is mostly considered the best practical language worldwide?

According to current statistics by the L’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), there are 274 million French speakers in the world.

This makes French the 5th most spoken language in the world and the 2nd most learned foreign one. 

These statistics come from a 2014 analysis which discussed French’s progress since 2010.

The stats stated that “the lack of linguistic diversity encourages uniformity in the way we perceive and think the world” and the OIF is trying to keep French and multilingualism alive within international organizations. 

Due to the population growth, the OIF estimates that the number of French speakers will increase to over 700 million by 2050, 80% of whom will be in Africa.

This would increase the proportion of French speakers in the world population from 3% to 8%.

However, to continue to progress, many more French teachers will be needed in Africa, else the feasibility of 700 million francophones by 2050 seems unlikely.

French is one of the five official languages of the United Nations. French claims the spot of the 3rd most important global business language, after English and Chinese, and the 2nd business language of the European zone after English (but still ahead of German, Russian, Italian and Spanish).

The  French language also accounts for 5% of Internet pages, ranking between sixth and eighth of the languages most widely used on the Internet. 


7 Easy Ways To Make Your Parisian Commute More Productive

Commuting from one place to another in Paris can be a frustrating and inefficient experience.  Standing on the metro platform or waiting for a bus can get boring coupled with a tiring day at work. But it does not have to be, there are many ways in which you can make your Parisian commute more productive.


How To Move To France With A Pet

Do you want to travel with your pet to Paris, France? 

Almost everyone would like to take their best friend to the City of Light with them, but there are certain rules and tips to follow to make the process easy and smooth.


American School of Paris

The Parisian suburb of Saint-Cloud not only houses the first American school in France, it also houses the first international school in Europe.

This prestigious school enrolls pupils from all over the world with the aim not only to prepare them for some of the best universities in the world, but also to ensure that their education process is structured and disciplined with a sense of Parisian flair.


Top Ten Questions Related To The French Employment Law

Whаt іѕ Emрlоуmеnt Lаw?
Emрlоуmеnt law іn Frаnсе governs thе rіghtѕ аnd dutіеѕ between еmрlоуеrѕ аnd еmрlоуее. Alѕо referred tо as Frаnсе lаbоr lаw, Frаnсе rulеѕ аrе рrіmаrіlу dеѕіgnеd to kеер еmрlоуее ѕаfе аnd mаkе ѕurе thеу аrе trеаtеd fаіrlу, lаwѕ аrе аlѕо іn рlасе tо рrоtесt еmрlоуеrѕ’ іntеrеѕtѕ аѕ wеll. France еmрlоуmеnt lаwѕ аrе bаѕеd оn gеnеrаl constitutions, lеgіѕlаtіоn, аdmіnіѕtrаtіvе rules, and аѕ wеll аѕ соurt оріnіоnѕ.


Top Ten blog posts I wish I read before I moved to Paris

Moving to Paris is probably the biggest decision I have ever had to make. It was both fun and life-changing at the same time. 

I could barely catch a wink of sleep the night before my flight as I anticipated what was in store for me in the world’s most revered city. 

The City of Light.


Angloinfo vs InterNations: Are these Two Expat Communities Similar?

As an expat, you’ve probably come across many organizations that cater to the specific needs of people living abroad. Many provide unique services that make them stand out, but at heart, they offer basically the same thing: how-to’s, guides, meeting places for fellow expats, and so forth. In this article, I’d like to compare Angloinfo and InterNations to investigate their similarities and differences.


Top 10 French Christmas Stories, Facts And Events You Need To Know.

France usually undergoes a transformation throughout the festive season. The city of Paris, for instance, and its most beautiful monuments are illuminated, Christmas decorations adorn the streets, and department store windows are all filled with animated displays. Markets, Nativity scenes, open-air ice rinks, merry-go-rounds and a host of other activities and events take over the city of lights, offering fun for all. Parisians and visitors  are the ones that keep the festive spirit alive all the way into the New Year, with special events for an unforgettable and cautious holiday season. Check out our top 10 French Christmas Stories, Facts and Events you should know even as you celebrate in 2016.


Culture Shock in France: 15 Things Parisian Expats Find Kind of Strange About France.

We all have our own definition of the word “strange” or “weird.”

For one person, it could be cycling nude on a bike trail in the mountains in the middle of winter while singing at the top of your lungs—to keep warm, of course.

Another may be a roommate who likes toast, ketchup, banana and cinnamon sandwiches. When it comes to acclimating in a foreign country, the meaning of “strange” can take on even more nuances, especially if you don’t speak the language of your adopted homeland.


Data-backed facts of how Expats in France contribute Billions of Euros into the French Social System Every Year

France has always been attractive to immigrants. In 2008, the INSEE estimated that 5.3 million foreign-born residents and 6.5 million of their descendants (French-born of at least one immigrant parent) lived in France, for a total of 11.8 million, which was 19% of the total population in metropolitan France – 62.1 million at the time. These numbers included roughly 5.5 million of European origin, 4 million of Maghrebi origin, 1 million of Sub-Saharan African origin and 400,000 of Turkish origin. In 2010, 27.3% of the 802,000 newborns in metropolitan France had at least one foreign-born parent. In 2012, 229,000 foreigners arrived in the country.


Expat Insider: The Top 6 major Expat communities in Paris and how they help Parisian Expatriates.

Leaving your hometown and all that’s familiar is hard enough. But moving to another country? That’s a whole different ballgame. There’s the airport, the flirtatious taxi driver, and the slightly giddy feeling that you’re in over your head and maybe you’re not quite cut out for your new adventure. Adjusting might take a long time, or just a few minutes, depending on how much wine you need to drink as fortification. It’s a new culture and language, and you may wonder, “How will I survive here?”


11 Lessons We Learned When We Got Hacked.

If you’ve ever been robbed, you’ll probably understand what it feels like to be hacked.

It’s as though you’ve been violated, and even if you recover the things that were stolen, you’ll always remember the experience.

This was how we felt here, at Expats Paris, when our website (yes, this exact website you’re on) was attacked late April this year. We were victims of a hacking operation against our entire system.


ONLY IN PARIS: The story of Paris told through an original and eclectic mix of unusual historic locations

A new edition of a ground-breaking guidebook to Paris has just been published. “Only in Paris” by writer and explorer Duncan JD Smith tells the story of the city through an original and eclectic mix of unusual locations.

Eccentric museums, covered passageways, secret gardens, idiosyncratic shops and unexpected places of worship. Everything that is unique, hidden and unusual in Paris.


10 Things I Didn’t Know About the Relationship French Men Have with Fashion

It’s true.

French men are as addicted to fashion as their female counterparts.

Check out all the fantastic male designers that France has produced over the years: Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin, to name a few.

Even imports such as Karl Lagerfeld have made their mark on the scene.

Men in France take the way they look very seriously. They have an eye for quality, longevity and minimal fuss.


Help, I'm Having A Hard Time Living in Paris.

Not everyone experiences the joy and euphoria of being in Paris. For some, the culture shock is greater than others, and it’s hard to adjust to something that may be vastly different from back home. If this is your first time in a foreign country (like a friend I met recently - the person who inspired me to come up with this post, by the way), it can be difficult to come to terms with the sights and sounds around you, and you may feel overwhelmed. It could be similar to someone moving from an outlying area into a big city for the first time. Everything seems to be too loud, too fast, too confusing and frantic. Still it’s not all bad. You just need to give yourself time to adjust, or learn to slough it off and walk on, as the French do.


The Complete Anatomy of Pôle Emploi: Understanding The French National Employment Agency

A few days before we got hacked, we had written a few extensive guides about The French Income Tax, The French Healthcare and the must-know Things about Rentals in Paris. This time, I’m excited to welcome you on board for yet another epic journey into the land of Bureaucracy. This time we’ll be talking about the Pôle Emploi;  the French governmental agency that registers unemployed people (expats included), helps them find jobs and provides them with financial aid.


The Anatomy of the French Income Tax Return. Part TWO

I know, I know, thinking about taxes gives us all heartburn. In fact, you’re probably having palpitations just thinking about filing them (the way I felt while researching, writing this guide and when I received my recent tax notice). In a foreign country. In another language. Still, it must be done, and now that you’re here and you’ve delved into the fun stuff in Paris, it’s time to learn how to pay your taxes.


The Anatomy of the French Income Tax Return. Part ONE

I know, I know, thinking about taxes gives you heartburn. In fact, you’re probably having palpitations just thinking about filing them. In a foreign country. In another language. Still, it must be done, and now that you’re here and you’ve delved into the fun stuff in Paris, it’s time to learn how to pay your taxes.

Please note: This French Income Tax guide is published for informational purposes only. Contact a consultant or visit your nearest agency in your arrondissement for detailed help with filing your taxes.


13 Things I Wish I knew about Rentals in Paris When I Arrived 6 years ago

Here I was, bright-eyed and excited to be in Paris. In awe of this extraordinary city, I was soon drawn into the local culture. Not a bad thing, since Paris was to be my new home. But I still needed to find a home. And therein lay the problem. I’d spent so much time making sure my papers were correct and finding my way around town, that I neglected to research fully what was needed to convince a landlord to take a chance on me as a tenant. I assumed it would be easy to find a place and settle down. But I was so wrong. Here are some of the things I wish I’d learned beforehand.


13 Basic Daily Consumer Products/Goods Most Parisians Love & Their Prices.

You’ve heard the songs, seen the movies and drooled over the Eiffel Tower. Now you're an expat, you’re in Paris and anxious to be “one of them.” Perhaps you envision a Parisian as someone who sits in a café with a demi-tasse, a baguette and a small plate of cheese. Will there be wine, afterward? You wouldn’t be too far off the mark, but let’s take away the fairytale and look at the things consumed by the everyday Paris dweller.


CIARA COSTENOBLE: The Story of a Young English-Speaking Hairstylist in Paris.

Her journey as a hairstylist started as a 6-year-old tomboy growing up in a household of three brothers. Although she was against anything girly at this age, she would accompany her mother to the hair salon and sit in awe as she watched the stylist entwine hair between their fingers as they curled, cut, colored, and created styles that seemed to defy gravity. She would dash home and spend hours recreating looks on dolls while begging my mother to let her live out her inspirations on her long tresses, and as the years went by, her passion for hair only grew.


The Real Cost of Living in Paris (January to March 2016)!

Ever wondered what it would cost to live in Paris these days ? As residents, we have experienced this first hand. In order to come up with the figures below, we looked into different aspects of life here, including Paris grocery chains and malls; music and movie sites; various transportation modes; State information for insurance; available online cost of living data; and the findings of other expats who’ve also lived here for an extended period of time. Basically, We analyzed a large amount of Data, combined it with our daily-consumer experience and here's what we concluded was the real cost of living in Paris (from January to March 2016).


5 Things Your Embassy or Consulate Can't Do For You.

A permanent diplomatic mission is known as Embassy and the head of the operation is known as ambassador. Depending on the place and the mission, the embassy has different functions. There are a lot of things embassies or consulates in Paris or any other French city can do for you and many more things they cannot do for you. This blog post was inspired by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office's  guide on the support for British Nationals abroad.


5 Top ways to have a Successful Business in Paris

Paris is not only one of the most culturally diverse cities to live in, but is also increasingly becoming the center of economic and commercial activity in Europe. In the last decade alone, troves of new businesses and start-ups have popped up all over the city. Interestingly, people from outside France have moved into the city of Paris specifically, and the whole of France generally, to set up their businesses and commercial interests. The successes of most of such businesses have led to ever increasing numbers of entrepreneurs and businessmen alike to come and set up shop in Paris. Let’s get started:


Top 5 Unnecessary Expenses Every Paris-based Foreign Student Should Avoid.

An effective way to decrease costs is to reduce your expenses. There are many methods you can save your money and help prevent that "too much money at the end of the month" sensational. No matter how inexpensive we want to be, moving some cash. There is no way to prevent that, so to save for our relocation, we need to cut our expenses. Here are some simple and innovative ways foreign students can cut expenses, produce income, and get on the road sooner:


Five ways getting an MBA will launch your international career

In this internationally way-too competitive job market, it feels at times very impossible to stand out. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be (and still is) one of the few powerful tools that helps you to rise up the ranks and kickstart an international career.


Between 2015-2016 alone, there was a 13 percent growth in MBA jobs globally, helping more people to take that often elusive next step in their careers.


Your Definitive Legal Guide To Hiring Staff In France

Fоr mаnу еmрlоуеrѕ іn Frаnсе, thе kеу tо having a рrоduсtіvе аnd hіgh-реrfоrmіng wоrkfоrсе іѕ rесruіtіng thе rіght реорlе. It іѕ vеrу іmроrtаnt fоr еmрlоуеrѕ іn Frаnсе tо be аwаrе thаt еvеn bеfоrе аn еmрlоуее commences wоrk, thеrе аrе a numbеr оf lеgаl іѕѕuеѕ that аrіѕе іn the рrосеѕѕ of ѕееkіng, іntеrvіеwіng аnd ѕеlесtіng саndіdаtеѕ fоr a jоb роѕіtіоn.


10 Ways we help Small Businesses reach Customers in the Parisian Expatriate communities (for Free)

Expats Paris strives to provide resources and opportunities for the expat community to network and grow in the city of lights.

We reach out to newcomers, longtime residents, visitors, multinational companies and the like to create relationships that benefit everyone.

You’ve probably been here long enough to fall in love with your new home, and now, you want to spread that love and open a small business.

Expats Paris can help you reach potential customers in the expat community, and many of our features are free.



Who can and can't start a business in France?

Now that you’re here in Paris, perhaps you’ve been inspired to become an entrepreneur. That’s wonderful! However, there are quite a few things to consider before you can begin the process. Make sure you do your research on regulations and requirements for your business and be prepared for lots of paperwork. Also, if you’re not from a country in the European Economic Area (EEA), there are things you have to do before you can even pursue that wonderful new venture of yours.


Top 10 reasons we think you should attend this TEDx TALK in Paris.

TED, which stands for technology, entertainment and design, began as a conference in 1984 and is now a global platform that covers many topics in multiple languages. The nonprofit believes that ideas should be shared and spread, leading to energetic, vibrant conversation. These ideas are shared at events via talks, videos and other presentations, with the aim of fostering discussion to enable growth.


Bloom Where You're Planted: More than 40 years of connecting people in Paris.

You’re moving to France, right? Good. 

I guess you have a lot of anticipation, apprehension, excitement or some of each. 

Are you moving here for a “French Experience” ?

Are you following a partner? Is it for work, pleasure, studies or one of the twenty reasons we listed here?

It doesn’t really matter how you feel or why you’re moving to France because moving to this country brings a few challenges and a lot of opportunities.


10 Secrets Behind The Parisian Girl’s Sexiness.


Coco Chanel, the legendary French designer, said it best: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” For many, French women—les Parisiennes in particular—seem to be shrouded in mystery, with an allure and self-possession that isn’t easy to emulate. It’s not that women the world over aren’t as wonderful or stylish as the lovely ladies in France, but they seem to do it with a flair all their own. Books have been written and studies done to try and capture in words that special...something that is innate in a French woman. How do they do it?


Top 6 most Influential, Powerful and Inspiring Women in Paris.

The world is celebrating the International Women's Day on March 8th and in Paris, we’re throwing a huge party to honor women all over the world and in particular, the Parisian women. You should check the event out and register. Also, don’t hesitate to share it with friends. Before this March 8th, we also thought about honoring ladies who are inspiring, paving the way and giving hope to many of Paris-based expatriates. We rounded up powerful profiles of the female community influencers and heroines who are helping women and men persevere and prosper in Paris. Whether their words and daily occupations inspire us or make us laugh, these women have got a profound impact, not only on expat lives, but also on the French people’s lives. Who are they?

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