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21 Top Paris Expat Blogs & Websites We Love Reading.

21 Top Paris Expat Blogs & Websites We Love Reading.

There’s a blog for just about anything, it seems.

When it comes to Paris, the same applies.

Longtime residents in this enchanting city and Francophiles alike share their love for everything French, as well as the experiences they’ve had while living here.

Below are some of the blogs and websites we love, and are sure you will, too.

1. Je t’aime me neither


Screen grab of Lily’s about page

Lily Heise is a Canadian who arrived in Paris in 2000 and never left. She writes about Paris from the point of view of romance: where to go, what to do, and especially her adventures in that arena. Her book, Je t’aime, me neither, is where it all started for the blog, and now she writes articles, too, for Huffington Post, Condé and Frommer’s Paris, to name a few online publications.

2. Paris in four months


Paris in Four Months about me screen grab

Carin shares her love for Paris and passion for photography through her blog. Originally from Stockholm, she moved to Paris for four months in 2012 (hence the blog’s name) to experience it and learn the language. The blog chronicled her time there, and then grew into what it is today. She loved it so much, she returned in 2013. She’s still here.

3. Paris by mouth


Paris by Mouth homepage screenshot

The name says it all. You will discover the best places to eat, buy cheese, chocolate, ice cream, coffee, have cocktails, and find wine and various specialty shops in Paris. Makes you hungry just thinking about it, right?

4. Relentless movement


ReGeneration: Finding Your Place Between Two Worlds (Facebook)

Razwana Wahid is a writer and marketing nerd who has been helping businesses with her expertise since 2007 through her online enterprise, Relentless movement. She offers one-of-a-kind copywriting services that bring your ideas, products and services to life. It’s all about making you shine and giving you the best advice out there. She works with you every step of the way, teaching you how to write in the best way to increase sales and connect with your potential buyers, or she’ll do it for you. Razwana has just published an amazing book; BRAND EXPAND DOMINATE. This amazing book is the Definitive Game Plan for Coaches to Brand their businesses, market their Services and run their coaching practice like Pros. I’ve just bought a copy and can’t wait to start reading it. Sign-up here to get your copy too.

5. Paris, Up close & personal


Savoir Faire Paris’ “about us” page screenshot

Sasha Romary is an American transplant who has lived in Paris for over ten years. Paris, Up close & personal  is a blog that talks about the wonders of Paris, where to find special treats and all you’ll ever need to know about the city. The blog falls under the umbrella of Savoir Faire Paris, styled as a “Parisian Concierge service” which offers the following personalized services (but this list is by no means comprehensive):
  - Visa help, social security, insurance
  - Moving assistance, help finding a home, utilities and bank account assistance
  - Babysitters, house cleaners, repairs
  - Restaurant reservations, event planning

6. Mama Loves Paris


 Mama Loves Paris homepage screenshot

This blog is aimed at families: what to do, where to go, and fun things for the kids. Translation: how to keep the little ones happy and their parents sane, for the most part. Posts include reviews of places and activities in Paris, notices of upcoming events and sneak peeks into soon-to-arrive entertainment. There’s information about everything under the sun pertaining to family fun: shopping, playgrounds, museums and so much more. Mama Loves Paris tweets daily and regularly posts in other social media avenues such as Facebook and Instagram.

7. Prête Moi Paris


Prête Moi Paris homepage screenshot

This blog is the domain of an American who came to Paris as a student in 2002, and stayed. She posts views on French luxury, fashion, shows and food, for the most part, and anything else that interests her.  Melissa has studied the French language and culture in depth, and believes strongly “in a learned adaptation to a host culture whether traveling as a tourist or living here long-term.”

8. Invisible Paris


Invisible Paris screenshot

Invisible Paris talks about the places “less traveled” in the city. They are “invisible” yet precious. Invisible Paris Walks are self-guided tours organized on themes, taking you to places off the beaten tourist path. Paris Weekends are posts giving suggestions on offbeat weekend activities for anyone in Paris. There are also interviews with random “Paris People” that are featured on the blog.

9. MyRoomin Le Mag (in French)


MyRoomIn Le Mag screenshot

MyRoomIn has more than 400 hotel rooms available for guests to reserve throughout Paris. The best hotel rooms in the city are selected to be a part of MyRoomIn, whether colorful, bright, art-deco, romantic, vintage and futuristic, there is something for everyone.

10. Girls Guide to Paris


Girls Guide to Paris’ Blogs page screenshot

This blog is the brainchild of New Yorker and Francophile Doni Belau, who has loved Paris for over two decades and visits often. It’s an all-encompassing guide to Paris and has over 5,000 pages of much treasured tips for appreciating and getting the most out of Paris, whether it’s the best places to shop, sleep, or eat, just to name a few categories. Doni and her Paris team test and personally select everything and pass on their opinions on the subject. There are also discounts and reduced rates, exclusive invitations, everything a traveler to Paris would need to enjoy their stay.

11. David Lebovitz

david-lebovitz’s homepage screenshot

David started working in restaurants when he was sixteen. He was a professional cook, baker and acclaimed pastry chef for many years, and has a many books under his belt, including “Room for Dessert.” He blogs about food and travel, shares stories and recipes and loves interacting with his readers.

12. Hip Paris


 HiP Paris Blog screenshot

Want to know what’s hot right now in the city of light, whether it’s film festivals, fashion, architecture? Check out HiP Paris. Erica Berman and her band of bloggers steer away from the obvious to find the secret delights in Paris and share insider tips with their readers. HiP Paris goes hand in hand with Haven in Paris, which offers luxury short-term vacation apartment and villa rentals in Paris, Provence, London and Tuscany.

13. 52martinis


52 Martinis About page screenshot

This blog, started in 2007, is an online guide to the best cocktail bars in Paris, headed by Forest Collins, a freelance drinks writer. A regular judge of cocktail competitions, she also interviews industry bigwigs for her audio show/podcast, Paris Cocktail Talk. Forest tries a new Paris cocktail bar every week. She also covers the city’s cocktail classes and spirits shops. And, I’ve just discovered that Forest runs The Chamber; a select social club for modern urban cocktail lovers and gastronomes that “reinterprets the Parisian salon through intimate, convivial food and drink events held in private Parisian residences or other unique locations”. If you are not a member of The Chamber, but would like to be kept up to date regarding their events, sign up for their “Friends of The Chamber” mailing list.

14. The Expats Paris Blog


 Expats Paris Blog screenshot

This is our blog. The one you surfing right now. As you can see, our blog  is full of information about everything you need to know on living as an expatriate in Paris. You can learn how to file your taxes; what to do about rentals; who can start a business; how to get a visa and your carte vitale; fun articles about fashion and that je ne sais quoi that French women and men have in abundance. The aim of our blog is to be entertaining as well as informative. It’s a labor of love by expats as in love with Paris as you are. Or soon will be. Hey, want to be able to receive our articles every time something new from our blog is out? Please subscribe to our mailing list.

15. My Love for Paris


My Love for Paris homepage screenshot

Nhan, the one and only blogger at My Love for Paris, has a love for languages, travel, writing, food and whatever catches her eye at the moment. You will find her thoughts on pretty much everything, including things to do, exhibitions, day trips, free activities, you name it.

16. Eye Prefer Paris


I Prefer Paris screenshot

Eye Prefer Paris is an ex-New Yorker's guide to the city. Richard Nahem writes about the dream he had of moving to France, how he got here, and what he did after recovering from the move. It started out as a way to attract readers to a book he’d planned to write about his experiences getting to and living in Paris. But then it changed to simply being a view to the world in his everyday life in the city. He’s been at it for ten years and finds it very rewarding.

17. Happy Place Paris


Happy Place Paris blog screenshot

Camelia Pierre took her experiences trying to find the perfect home for her growing family in Paris and turned it into a business to help other expats with families do the same. Her blog gives tips to newcomers and guides readers through the pitfalls of the real estate market and how best to approach getting the right home for their needs.

18. Lost in Cheeseland


Lost In Cheeseland screenshot

Lindsey is an American transplant in Paris. She shares trends, travel, and her experiences with everything French with her readers.  Her stories are engaging and heartwarming. She contributes to Conde Nast Traveler, the Wall Street Journal and Bon Appétit, to name a few publications. Our favorite article on Lost in Cheeseland still is where to drink specialty coffee in Paris.

19. Prêt à voyager


Prêt à Voyager Facebook Page screenshot

Anne Stark Ditmeyer founded Prêt à Voyager on Bastille Day 2007. She wanted to explore the creative ways people travel and talks about that in her blog. She arrived in Paris for the first time in 2001 as a student, came back again and again until she decided to stay. She also shares her experiences with French bureaucracy and how to keep your cool, just like the French do.

20. Bellanda in Paris


Living the dream in Paris blog by Bellanda

Bellanda is a New Yorker living in Paris. She blogs about what it’s like to live here, her experiences, the good and the bad.  Her personal motto is: “Believe in dreams and fear not the realization of them.”

21. Books and Baguettes


Jennifer Wei blogger at Books and baguettes walking around les invalides ;
screenshot from

Books and Baguettes is about the Jennifer’s (blogger) journey from New York to Paris. Everything from leaving her home in the U.S. to finding a place to like, making friends, extensive travel, learning the language and embracing life in this wonderful city

22. Love in the City of Lights

Kasia Dietz is a handbag designer and freelance writer from New York City, now based in Paris. As she mentions on her about me page, Kasia lived for more than ten years “a career driven, highly social, mostly single life…”. For her, this was “a dream of success and independence”. Her second dream was “a dream of courage and freedom”. It made her pack a bag and travel the world for more than a year. Kasia’s website, Love in the city of Lights,  is full of musings and memoirs of life in Paris. After living in Paris for more than six years to follow her (other) dreams of designing and writing, Kasia likes to call Paris her home.

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