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Higher Education Facts And Quotes That Will Leave You Incredibly Hopeful About The Future

Higher Education Facts And Quotes That Will Leave You Incredibly Hopeful About The Future

The last 30 years have experienced huge seismic shifts in the world’s workforce with technology, globalization effects as well as the sharing-economy all combining to change how, when and why we perform at work.

All these changes have sparked renewed debates about the role of educational institutions in workforce preparation and the relationship between higher education and continued employment. 

What is the future of higher education? How will technology shape learning experiences? Does the future of education look merry? 

Some people think Higher Education is Broken, but there's Still Hope For the Future. This post brings you some quotes and facts that will make you hopeful about the future of Education.

Let’s get started:

   1. “Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations.” - Ron Lewis

   2. “Our higher education system is one of the things that makes America exceptional. There's no place else that has the assets we do when it comes to higher education. People from all over the world aspire to come here and study here. And that is a good thing.” - Barack Obama

   3.“Lord knows there's a lot of bad news in the world today to get you down, but there is one big thing happening that leaves me incredibly hopeful about the future, and that is the budding revolution in global online higher education.” - Thomas Friedman

   4. “It's a combination of targeting higher paying jobs in these growth areas and fostering closer cooperation with higher education; a rising tide that lifts all boats.” - John Hoeven

   5. “I want to make as much of a contribution as I can, to Harvard, to higher education and hopefully, to education around the world.” - Jim Breyer

   6. “Most regular, two-year MBA programs provide both experience and the capacity to link together the essential elements of management such as finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and operations.” -  Warren Bennis

   7. MBA course is 65 to 82% practical depending upon the specialization and rest is theory.

   8. Costliest MBA program is Harvard Business School's reported to be $78,200 for 2 years. But Scholarships are available.

   9. Costliest faculty members of top Business Schools worldwide teach very less, as 90% of their time is spent on research.

   10.  ROI from an MBA degree is good as a Business school provides skills which pay off handsomely in long-term career. 

   11. MBA salary heavily depends on Business school's reputation.

   12. London Business School is best Business School in Europe according to the QS Global 250 Business Schools Report 2017

Three quick facts on why a Graduate School pays off.

It brings greater employment opportunities

In many professional sectors, like higher education administration or public affairs as well as social services, an MBA or Master's degrees are now replacing a bachelor's as the minimum requirement for job. 

Back in the 80s, with only a bachelor's degree, one was able to easily secure an entry level position as a company. By the late 90s, applicants for these same entry-level positions were not even considered unless they held at least master's degree. 

It brings financial reward and satisfaction

If you’re considering a graduate school, you’d be dumb not to consider the ROI. Now, for graduate degree holders, the figures have been favorable over the past few years varying from $61,216 to $98,337 for a Senior Financial Analyst in the US, for instance. 

It brings personal growth.

If you’re a lifelong learner, the insatiable desire to add to your knowledge reservoir, challenge yourself scientifically or academically, as well as experiencing what you believe to be among the most rewarding life pursuits is what amazes you. Mind development is your thing and a graduate education offers you many opportunities to do all of that and in a better and structured way. A graduate school delivers both personal growth and satisfaction. 

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Image sources: Top MBA and Top Universities


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Do you want to receive some awesome articles about the joys, challenges, and lessons learned from expatriation adventures in Paris every week?

Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe at anytime.