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Top 10 reasons we think you should attend this TEDx TALK in Paris.

Top 10 reasons we think you should attend this TEDx TALK in Paris.

TED, which stands for technology, entertainment and design, began as a conference in 1984 and is now a global platform that covers many topics in multiple languages. The nonprofit believes that ideas should be shared and spread, leading to energetic, vibrant conversation. These ideas are shared at events via talks, videos and other presentations, with the aim of fostering discussion to enable growth.

TEDx is a version of TED geared toward communities sharing ideas on the local level, such as the upcoming event in Paris. You should attend this event, not just because it’s TED, which is awesome, but it also represents the local international community coming together to share experiences. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you won’t want to miss. Here are some other great reasons we are planning to ( and we think you should) attend.

1. It gathers the expat communities in Paris


More than 30 volunteers or team members among whom are 20 different nationalities are working to bring you this event. It represents cooperation across the board that is truly inspiring. If you’ve been struggling to meet others like you, or want to get more involved with expats, this would be a great way to do so.

2. The theme: Beyond Our Limits is a collection of presentations that push the inhibitions of humanity.


The presenters will be talking about overcoming limits, in one form or another. They seek to inspire, provoke conversation and challenge their listeners to think outside the box and test themselves. You will learn new things about yourself and the world that may cause you to reach a new level of personal growth.

3. It’s been endorsed by a large number of partners.


The support for this event is astounding. Yelp, The British Council, Theatre in Paris, Expatriates magazine, AngloInfo Paris, Institut Des Hautes Etudes a Paris, Little Bakery and Expats Paris are among the many organizations who believe in TEDx and are helping to make it happen.

4. The speakers

The presenters at this event are world class:

Ana Saldariaga


Image courtesy of Twitter

Ana is the first Latin American (and Colombian) woman to become CEO and President of AIESEC, a global nonprofit. She aspires to transform the world on a grand scale in a positive fashion. Ana has spoken in numerous distinguished events at the United Nations, Global Youth Assembly and International Peace Day and has trained over 40,000 participants ranged from student leaders to CEOs from Fortune 500 companies on leadership and organizational change in over 40 different countries.

Danica Jurisic


Image courtesy of Tedxiheparis

is a longtime refugee from the Balkans who will be sharing her insights on life as a refugee, the challenges and what countries can do better. Did you know that most of the refugees you meet today are still in initial phases of their journey ?

To address and promote refugees issues, Danica will explain how the path, from a very normal, ordinary to a lifelong odyssey a refugee life seems endless. Being a refugee is something difficult to explain if you didn’t have that unfortunate experience or if you are not directly involved. I have been a refugee for a long time and I would like to explain the path from a very normal, ordinary life to a lifelong odyssey that seems endless. “The decision we make now, the treatment we are giving them will decide in long terms not only their individual destinies, but the main features and characteristics of our society” Danica says. Since her childhood, she’s been observing the position of refugees and their position in our modern, western world, and she’ll share her observations on how, in a smaller but equally tragic war in the Balkans almost three decades ago, she lost everything and she gained an insight on life and problems of a refugee.

Anna Katrina Davey


Image courtesy of Twitter

a multiculturalist who strives to help companies succeed in the global marketplace at all levels. She is fluent in many languages and a champion of intercultural modes. Anna Katrina has lived and worked on three continents, traveled 45 countries and is fluent in Italian, German and English. She also speaks Spanish, has forgotten much of her Vietnamese, has studied Latin as well as Ancient Greek. She obtained her Master in Geography and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Freiburg, Germany and received her further professional training in intercultural communication in Bonn prior to working for the German Development Service in Hanoi, Vietnam. Anna Katrina has furthermore served for four years as President of SIETAR Austin, Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research.

Jothy Rosenberg

Jothy is the living example of “Who Says I Can’t?” He has overcome cancer twice and lives with one lung and one leg. He holds a doctorate, is an amputee athlete, author, entrepreneur, YouTube Channel & TV Show presenter profiling people with disabilities.

Ramin Farhangi


Image courtesy of Twitter

Ramin is passionate about education. Throughout his early teaching career, he became dissatisfied with the methods used on students in the school system. He felt the methods could be improved upon and has come up with a democratic approach for learning. Ramin is the Founder of l’Ecole Démocratique. Its mission is to transform Schools into Democratic Communities. 5 years ago, he decided to resign from the Boston Consulting Group to follow his lifelong passion for education. Throughout his experience with teaching Math and Physics in high school, his doubts grew all the way to completely losing faith in the modern schooling system. He therefore, decided to quit teaching to create a democratic community in which children are free to do whatever they want with their lives.

Jacquelyn Quinones


Jacqueline will explore the effects of technology on our humanity. She asks, “Is technology killing our empathy?” and will share her desire for interconnectedness and how to reinvent ourselves in this modern world of online communication and social media.

Samuel N. Bernier


Samuel is not yet thirty and has already made his mark in the digital design world. His innovative projects can be found in printed media and museums around the globe.  Samuel Nelson Bernier is a Canadian industrial designer and a prolific Maker. Born and raised in the Quebec countryside, he now works in Paris as Creative Director for le FabShop, a renowned design and innovation consulting firm.

Elena Herdieckerhoff


Image courtesy of Twitter

Elena is an entrepreneur who focuses on turning sensitivity into an asset. She strives to empower others to use their natural strengths and move beyond their self-imposed limits.

André Brugiroux


Poster courtesy of Tedxiheparis

André Brugiroux is a lifelong traveler. What he’s learned about countries and how they interact has helped him form a philosophy of how humanity can find peace.

5. Inspiring and innovative topics addressing current global challenges


Many of the topics that will be presented address global challenges in the here and now. Refugee issues, the way kids are taught in school, whether peace is possible in a world of war and strife; how not to lose yourself to technology with Twitter, Facebook, and the like cluttering our lives. These discussions are relevant and timely for all of us.  

6. Tickets are affordable


If you book now, you only pay 30 euros for this event, and if you’re a student it’s 20 euros. That’s a steal for such a life-changing, one-of-a-kind event!

7. Networking opportunities


Expats Paris Team members

For 10 euros more, you can attend the exciting after party at the Belushi’s Gare du Nord, mingle with your expat peers and network. Maybe you have ideas you want to share with a presenter. Perhaps you’ll start a conversation with some of your fellow attendees on various issues. Either way, it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

8. It’s the only TEDx event in English that you can find in Paris


Image courtesy of Pixabay

This is a very unique event in Paris because it’s all being done in English. You won’t have to worry about a language barrier, or feel left out because it’s in French.

9. To show support


Support your expat community by turning out in full force. The team who put this together worked very hard to get great speakers, a wonderful venue and opportunities for everyone to learn from each other and have fun. Think of the ideas that will be shared. It could transform your life forever.

10. The venue


Image courtesy of theatre de la madeleine

The Theatre de la Madeleine is located in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. It’s close to the Gare Saint-Lazare, should you want to take the train, Galerie Lafayette, if you need to get the perfect outfit before you attend, and the always wonderful Opéra Garnier. It was built in 1924 by Charles Imandt and is a gorgeous piece of architecture constructed in the English style. It has seen such revered actors as Gérard Depardieu and Anouk Aimée grace its walls, with works by Edward Albee and Molière. You will be seated in this wonderful building, taking part in a historic event in an equally historic, beautiful structure.

Get your tickets now!

Now that you know all about the upcoming TEDx event, it’s time to buy your tickets! 

Look forward to seeing you there!



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