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Top 5 Unnecessary Expenses Every Paris-based Foreign Student Should Avoid.

Top 5 Unnecessary Expenses Every Paris-based Foreign Student Should Avoid.


An effective way to decrease costs is to reduce your expenses. There are many methods you can save your money and help prevent that "too much money at the end of the month" sensational. No matter how inexpensive we want to be, moving some cash. There is no way to prevent that, so to save for our relocation, we need to cut our expenses. Here are some simple and innovative ways foreign students can cut expenses, produce income, and get on the road sooner:

 1.   Cut the coffee expenses.


Well, the Coffee house likes your cash. Coffee is a daily cost that silently empties your pockets without you ever realizing. That daily $5 coffee expenses you $150 monthly. Quit the coffee and begin drinking tea, or make your own cup of coffee. Hey, would you like to know more about coffee in Paris? I mean some really nice coffee worth spending on? This amazingly written article on where to drink specialty coffee in Paris, by Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland, may help you to know more about the best coffee and therefore, spend wisely.

2.   Learn Cooking.


We all need to eat, but dining places in Paris are getting quite costly nowadays. I have increasing tag surprise whenever I go out to eat. To keep your meals invoice very low, you need to cook more often. I discovered to cook while in college and before I left for my first travel, I cut down my eating out to two times per week. I would save the scraps from supper and dinner for lunchtime the next day, thus saving a few more Euros. You do not need to be an expert in the French cuisine, either. A thousand and one food-cooking sites will educate you how to cook fast and healthy foods. You might actually need to check out this great list of the top 40 French cooking Blogs that has been put together by the Culinary Arts colleges; a website dedicated to elevating the American cuisine by encouraging a brand new generation of chefs to attend a culinary arts college.

3.   Leave the Car.


Vehicles are insane costly especially when you are living in Paris or you are a Paris-based student, to own between repairing, insurance, and maintenance. Get rid of your car if you can. Learn to like the bus, take the metro, bicycle, walk or sometimes share a ride. This tip may not be easy for everyone, but it is one of the most efficient ways to reduce unnecessary expenses while studying in Paris.

4.   Find a Roommate.


You will see a large gain in your benefits by decreasing your real estate or accommodation expenses. Downsize your residence or find some roommates. Six weeks before I went in Paris, I shifted with my parents. I did not love being 25 and residing with my parents, but I saved more than $3,000 in rent as a result. If this is not an option for you, you should find a roommate that will help you decrease the cost of a room. In Paris, some people turn drawing room into a bedroom for commercial use by putting a foldable screen in the center of the room. It is not the ideal, but it does save money to share your room. If you’re single and live alone, then surely a roommate will be the best option to decrease your rental expenses.

5.   Downgrade your cell phone.


Having to spend about 50 Euros every month on a Smartphone can be quite much. While Smartphones are useful gadgets, getting an inexpensive Smartphone without any elegant applications will cut your monthly phone bills in half. You might get tired on the practice of not being able to get connected all the time, but saving an extra €500 in a year will allow you to spend a few more weeks visiting France or go partying with other foreigners.

Over to you.

Are some of you guys feeling overwhelmed with the high cost of living these days in Paris? Do you think it’s difficult or impossible to cut back more than what you already have? Have you managed to cut back? What have been your different tips to cut expenses? I’d love to hear from you guys down in the comments.



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