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10 Ways we help Small Businesses reach Customers in the Parisian Expatriate communities (for Free)

10 Ways we help Small Businesses reach Customers in the Parisian Expatriate communities (for Free)

Expats Paris strives to provide resources and opportunities for the expat community to network and grow in the city of lights.

We reach out to newcomers, longtime residents, visitors, multinational companies and the like to create relationships that benefit everyone.

You’ve probably been here long enough to fall in love with your new home, and now, you want to spread that love and open a small business.

Expats Paris can help you reach potential customers in the expat community, and many of our features are free.


Let me show you.

1. Social media shares


Our world seems to run on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or some other platform and we’re connected to it all the time, through our phones, computers and tablets. Most businesses have a presence in this medium, one way or another, because the potential to reach customers is huge. We are constantly sharing information through social media and, as a member, your business can be featured across our social media at no extra cost to you.

2. Classified ads


Expats Paris Classifieds Page screenshot

You can post an ad for free through the Classifieds section of the Expats Paris site. So, your new café, IT service, bookstore, or salon will be seen by many users in the community, and word will spread about your fabulous enterprise, helping to broaden the exposure for your business.

All you have to do is register as a member.

Your small business can also be featured in the classifieds, if you so choose.

Contact us to find out more. 

3. Forum


Expats Paris Forum screenshot

Want to guide people to your business? Post something in the Expats Paris forum and it will definitely be seen. Many expatriates use the forum to find fun places to go, where to buy specific items, the best or most affordable places to live, roommates, tips for finding a job, among other things. Your business could fill a niche nicely and the Expats Paris forum is a great place to start. It’s free to use for members, and you can get tips from other small business owners, too, especially if you’re new to navigating the business red tape in Paris

4. Expats Paris service providers listing


Expats Paris Service Providers Directory screenshot

This listing is free to all members, and your small business will definitely benefit from it, especially if you’re one of the “service providers.” Expatriates new and old to Paris are often scrambling to find information about signing up for basic necessities like phone service, companies that help with finding apartments, etc. If you’re listed as a service provider, your service will reach members who are in need.

5. Twitter chat guests


Our twitter account is prolific about posting material of interest to the community at large. Being a Twitter chat guest is a great way for your business to get exposure online and is used by many businesses to gain a following and influence. You will be able to connect with people and introduce them to your product and service, talk about it, and they, in turn can tweet and get the word out.  You’re building a community around your business when you do this, and it can only grow with such marvelous exposure.

6. Guest blogs


Our blog is read, not just by the expat community, but anyone who has an interest in learning more about Paris and how things work. At Expats Paris, we also afford the opportunity to guests to blog about things that interest them. This is where you can get free exposure for your business. Your clothing boutique or translation service will get its day in the sun, and we are more than happy to feature an article by your business and it will give you broad exposure that is hard to beat. Tell everyone the story about how you came to be in Paris and start the business; or dish about your product and why you believe in it, and they should check it out. It will give hope and encouragement to others who want to do the same.

7. Becoming an event partner


Expats Paris hosts numerous events to bring people together and benefit the community. Whether it’s a get-to-know-you party, the celebration of a holiday, an information-gathering session or other educational opportunities, being an event partner will give you visibility and put you in front of potential customers for your business.

Think of it: your business name will be in lights, so-to-speak, and everyone at the event will get to know who you are and what you’re about while likely enjoying cheese and wine in a relaxing atmosphere.

How awesome is that?

8. Newsletter mentions


Screenshot of a Mailchimp Summary Report for a campaign we recently sent.

Our newsletters go out to members on a regular basis and provide a variety of information about events and other goings-on in the expat community. This kind of exposure would definitely benefit your business, having it mentioned in one or more of these newsletters can only help you flourish.

The Expats Paris readership will learn more about you and, hopefully spread the word while checking out what your business has to offer.

9. Our eBook mentions


Expats Paris eBooks list screenshot

We provide a variety of eBooks for our members, dedicated to a variety of topics about the city, and France in general. Anything from how to move to Paris, how to meet other expats and what it’s like to live here is covered in great detail, among other things.

Your business can be a part of these resources and delivered right into the virtual hands of our readers.

We are more than happy to mention businesses in these tomes as free promotion for your enterprise.

10. Special partnerships and promotion


Expats Paris runs ads all the time and is happy to promote its members in any way possible. 

Special ads directly targeting your business will highlight your product and reach our broad membership, putting you directly in front of potential customers. 

The ad would be shared online, giving massive exposure to hundreds of viewers.

Over to you!

Thanks for reading! 

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