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Why hang pictures?
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Why hang pictures?

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I notice when I visit guests that they have a lot of paintings hanging around the apartment or house. I personally have bare walls. Why do people decorate the house with pictures? And what purpose do you personally have in mind?

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Painting is not about design and decoration, painting is about your sense of beauty and mood. Your personal sense of beauty. I have quite a few in my home turquoise wall decor and because of them I have a special atmosphere in my home. A landscape you brought back from a trip, a landscape you bought from an artist on a picturesque street, a still life you chose for its light and color, your favorite face in a portrait can quickly change the mood of a room. It doesn't matter how much a painting costs or how famous its author is, as long as it resonates with you.

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A painting is not a basic necessity, but a sign that you have time and money to do more than just survive and get by. The choice of painting can say a lot about the owner.

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I think painting is the basic decoration in the house.