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5 Top ways to have a Successful Business in Paris

5 Top ways to have a Successful Business in Paris

Paris is not only one of the most culturally diverse cities to live in, but is also increasingly becoming the center of economic and commercial activity in Europe. In the last decade alone, troves of new businesses and start-ups have popped up all over the city. Interestingly, people from outside France have moved into the city of Paris specifically, and the whole of France generally, to set up their businesses and commercial interests. The successes of most of such businesses have led to ever increasing numbers of entrepreneurs and businessmen alike to come and set up shop in Paris. Let’s get started:

1.   Partner with a local business contact.

When you first move to Paris, it would be difficult for you to understand the norms of how things work and govern in the city.

To get your feet running, make sure that you have a contact person or an employee who is Parisian and has experience in running things here.

This contact would be vital in not only getting your papers and stuff in order, but also acquainting you with the ins and outs of business life in Paris.

2.   Tie in to the Culture.

More often than not, businesses who fail to completely integrate into the Parisian society fail to hit it big.

Integration doesn’t simply mean that you get your papers in order, but rather, you should make your business venture socially and culturally aligned with how things go in Paris.

Things such as using French as the main language of concern, hiring local talent and observing etiquettes that the Parisian take pride in shall go a long way in settling you down for the long haul.

3.   Do as the Parisian do.

Paris is a city that prides itself on the love of life, art and history.

The pace of doing business here is markedly different than what you would find in cities such as London and New York.

For your business to be successful here, you need to not only understand this difference, but also adhere to the pace of work here.

Don’t push your employees too much, give them the freedom that Parisians take pride in, and see for yourself how this gets your business going in the right direction.


4.   Make use of Tax breaks and Facilities for specific businesses.

If you are a technology related entrepreneur, someone who is working on a start up that has IT as the main component, the city of Paris offers extremely good co-working spaces and hubs from where you can not only operate at very good rates, but also get to network with other like-minded people in the industry.

Also, for specific business types, the city offers tax breaks and incentives that should definitely be looked at.

5.   Market yourself properly.

Whereas the Parisians love to see an expat business that is integrated into the French society, but still you should maintain a certain unique international flavor about your business.

Market yourself as an international business that is culturally in unison with the Parisian way of life.

In a nutshell, use your international nature smartly as the differentiating factor.  


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