Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Moving To Paris (New eGuide)

Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Moving To Paris (New eGuide)

At Expats Paris, we have, as its mission, the enablement of expats, whether new or established in the city, to be able to get together, forge new friendships and make business contacts. Expats Paris reaches out to the international community living in or visiting Paris, whether they be diplomats, foreign correspondents, students, or expatriates employed by small, middle or large multinational companies, or simply visiting or in town on business. We cater specifically to local expat residents. Expats Paris strives to give reliable information on expat-related topics in Paris.

As a network, our mission is to enable our members to interact with other global minds in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs. Expats Paris members usually create new friendships as well as business contacts. They also exchange reliable information on expat-related topics in Paris.

Introducing a new Expats Paris eGuide on everything we really wish we’d known before moving to Paris.

So, you're here in Paris, and everything is overwhelming. You have to get your visa and other documents in order; find a place to live; deal with French bureaucracy—this requires a strong drink, I assure you; make friends; perhaps find a job

In short, learn how to survive in a place that is an unknown entity, in many ways. 

Wouldn't it be easier to have the answers at your fingertips? 

Want to know where to find friends who can hold your hand and keep you calm amidst the madness? 

We have compiled very useful pieces of advice and tips in our new eGuide, to help our members stay sane as they adjust to their new, fabulous Parisian life while keeping the challenges to a minimum.

Read the entire eBook HERE NOW.


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