You're Meant To Live In Paris eGuide

The Expats' practical brief guide to living Paris

Could you be a natural Parisian without even knowing it? How can you tell Paris is where you should be living right now, next year or five years from now? Were you born to live in Paris?...

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You are meant to live in Paris

You are meant to live in parisCould you be a Parisian by nature without even knowing it? How can you tell if you’re meant to live in Paris? Well, are you a coffee addict? Do you love being active and walking from place to place to explore new things? Are you a bookworm or an art aficionado? Are you obsessed with food and fashion? If so, Paris could be the place for you! Our free eBook answers questions about living in Paris as an expatriate. It examines crucial factors to consider before relocating and the reasons why others have decided to live in the City of Light. It also provides tips on how to take advantage of free services at city hall, create a professional network from scratch, and meet other expatriates from major Paris-based expats communities.

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