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Don’t wait any longer and start hiring skilled professionals to execute, complete, and perfect your projects. Expats Paris features a vast variety of talented individuals across many specialties ranging from graphic design to writing and everything in between

Listing FAQ's

I need an animator for a video-based around Parisian art. Why should I hire one from this website?

<p>Video animation is a highly coveted skill that not many get right. To make sure that your project goes as expected, you must hire talented experts who don’t just know their way around animation but also turn in the project on time. At Expats Paris, you can find some of the most promising animators at affordable rates!</p>

How do I pay a writer I hired through Expats Paris?

<p>Service seekers must pay sellers via approved online payment methods including (add methods like PayPal etc.) upon hiring their service. However, your payment is securely locked until you receive the order and mark it complete. After which, the money will be transferred to the seller.</p>

Do I need to meet people I hire in person?

<p>Not in Paris? No problem! Expats Paris makes hiring people for the job virtually easy. You must simply confirm a service online without having to meet the other party in person.</p>

Maximize your earnings

Enjoy amazing profits without any inquiries

Forgo the hassle and earn big when you get hired by reliable employers. Freelancers working on Expats Paris can showcase their skills, offer work according to their feasibility, and set prices that justify their level of expertise. Rest assured, you’re bound to earn big and maximize profits.

Listing FAQ's

How will I get paid?

<p>Once someone buys your service, they will pay our platform and we will lock the payment until you have delivered the work. Upon reviewal, when your order is marked complete, the money will automatically be transferred to your Expats Paris account. You can then transfer it to your connected bank account.</p>

Do I need to be certified to offer my services?

<p>Expats Paris does not measure skills merely by paper. When you sign up for a profile as a freelancer, make sure you add all the details about your specialty, remain honest, and tactically market your skills. Nothing else is required!</p>

Do you charge commission?

We charge a nominal commission to continue and develop our online platform for buyers and sellers in Paris and elsewhere in France. Verily, we take up to 20 % of the total amount payable to service providers. The commission, also known as Service fees, are the same whether the contracts are hourly, fixed-price, or projects on Project Catalog.<br><br> €0-$400: 20%<br> €400.01-$5,000: 10%<br> €5,000.01 or more: 5%

Getting Into Business

Boost your team for an efficient work regime

Start your business in Paris by adding local talent to your workforce. So, what if you’re not a fan of traditional teams? With Expats Paris, you need not worry about any hassle. We make it incredibly easy to establish your own business while availing a treasure trove of benefits.

Listing FAQ's

I want to move to Paris and start my digital marketing company. How can Expats Paris help?

<p>We flaunt a long list of entrepreneurs who outsource work through our platform. If you’re looking forward to settling in Paris, rest assured, our platform can offer the kickstart you need to amaze clients with top-notch solutions, regardless of the industry!</p>

Do I need to pay this platform to hire people?

<p>Absolutely not! We make finding the right people for your business quick and easy but this doesn’t mean we charge you for it!</p>

Can I set up my profile as a business?

<p>Instead of signing up on Expats Paris as an individual seeking or providing services, you can register under a business name. Not only will this bring more recognition to your brand but also help you reach a specific category of clients who prefer to get their projects done by people online.</p>