How To Start Freelance Writing Business In France

Freelance writing is writing for money by producing whatever content that is required by your client. Your clients could range from companies to individual authors to students who might need help on their thesis for example. This is a flexible mode of income generation as you get to work from home or anywhere in the world so long as you conform to the regions terms and conditions for freelancing.


    A niche can easily refer to an area of specialization. To become a writer you need to find an area that you are knowledgeable in. there are many writing niches available for instance essay writing, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction novels. These areas do not even do justice to the many talents you can explore as a writer. Before marketing your skills be convinced that you can be able to see a piece of writing from beginning to end and to do that you may want to start with writing a sample to showcase to your clients the kind of outcome they’ll be getting.
    Choose a niche wisely, don’t do it for the reason that others are also doing it. if you have to research it please do it before publishing it so that when your clients start to stream in you can be comfortable working on their requests. Some freelancers prefer to work as a team, if so you can deal with a few niches so long as in your team there are experts for them.
    Be very deliberate and intentional when describing your skills. Be straight to the point and avoid vagueness like a plague. Use good grammar and vary your sentence and paragraph structure. As soon as a client sees spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your description, believe me, you will be waiting a long time before anyone even hits your inbox for a query. So when describing your skills be kind to yourself and don’t exaggerate the skills you poses.
    Sometimes the help of a professional can be sought if you draft your description and it still feels like no message is being passed across. Of course, these are done at a small fee which is not much bearing in mind what you are setting yourself up for.
    A profile starts with a recent, great and captivating picture that markets your niche. Let the picture you upload on your profile be relevant and match your services. From there go ahead and provide a title for your services, for example, if you want to be an anonymous writer you don’t call it “anonymous here for you”, no, ghostwriter, will suffice because it’s a key word that is acceptable by the search engine and it is likely to gain traffic to your services faster. Be sure also to provide information that belongs to you and not copy someone else’s information.
    After setting up a profile what next? The next vital stage in this is marketing. Copy your profile’s link and share it with the relevant social media sites or websites that you participate in. a bad business is one with zero marketing strategy. Let people know you exist and what you offer. Create a blog too to market your services. Attach your website link to your profile where potential clients can visit and have a look at your work. On that website attach some of your finest pieces.
    Writing takes time and it can be a bit frustrating. Don’t sell out too cheap and don’t be greedy. Give rates that are reasonable to you and your client. Make it clear the duration that the work will take don’t overpromise and don’t be late on deadlines. Remember there is always a section where the client can leave a review describing your services and if they feel dissatisfied they will not hesitate to mention it because they didn’t get value for their money. Remember online writing is a business like any other and it deserves the same business ethics that we accord any other business.
    A job board is a platform where clients are given a chance to post the projects they need help with. As a freelance writer job boards eases the hustle for looking for jobs. A good business thrives because the owner is not afraid to ask to be given a chance to work. I like to compare these platforms to interviews where you really sell yourself to your potential employer. There are various job boards that a freelance writer can join and apply for a job that matches your niche. In the application remain professional. Keeping in mind the clients requirements briefly describe the kind of services you offer. Very important, don’t forget to quote your rate and mention the duration it will take to complete the work. Other clients might have already mentioned their rates and the duration as per their advertised projects. Do not forget that other writers have applied for the same job and hence you are competing. Come up with something unique in your description that will make the potential client choose you over the others.

To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, freelance writing is one of the best ways to earn a living from the comfort of your home. There a numerous advantages why you will want to get yourself a spot in freelance writing. One is that you are being paid for your creativity and passion. Secondly, the rates can boost your income and you can live a comfortable life. thirdly you get to work on various interesting projects giving you an opportunity to be knowledgeable. Fourthly even if you are an introvert, you get to meet so many people from diverse cultures, countries, I mean, everywhere!

Happy freelance writing and remember client satisfaction will keep them coming back for more.

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