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Angloinfo vs InterNations: Are these Two Expat Communities Similar?

Angloinfo vs InterNations: Are these Two Expat Communities Similar?

As an expat, you’ve probably come across many organizations that cater to the specific needs of people living abroad. Many provide unique services that make them stand out, but at heart, they offer basically the same thing: how-to’s, guides, meeting places for fellow expats, and so forth. In this article, I’d like to compare Angloinfo and InterNations to investigate their similarities and differences.

A Worldwide Presence.

Angloinfo is in 40 countries, has 130 websites, two million monthly visitors, eight million monthly page views and five hundred thousand registered users. The organization is led by a CEO, 4 board members, an editorial staff of 8, finance team of 2, and a sales team of 11.

InterNations has a presence in 390 cities worldwide, and at least 2.3 million members. The community has a team of 101 members, speaking 31 different languages from 32 countries.

The Need for Resources.

Both Angloinfo and InterNations were created because the originators of each organization couldn’t find the resources they needed in the country they were staying in for a while. They wanted to fill that gap so others would have, at their fingertips, the kind of information, basic or otherwise, to help make life easier in their travels. 

English as the Lingua Franca.


The main language for both sites is English. For the founders of Angloinfo, they had despaired finding English-language resources in France when they first moved here. For InterNations, English made the most sense as the language to communicate with most people. However, they also have language-specific groups for users, whereas Angloinfo is only in English since that is the stated purpose.


With InterNations, you can sign up for a free membership, but there is also a premium (paid) Albatros membership that offers even more resources. But just browsing the site, you have access to a few guides and country or city-specific information that’s available to even the most casual user.

You can register to become a member with Angloinfo, but it’s not payment-based. The site has quite a bit of information for each of the cities in which they have a franchise.

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Both sites offer an area where members can advertise services, jobs, or items for sale, as examples. You can also post a request to find out where to purchase something in particular; seek a roommate; find employment; and so forth. 

You can as well post your classifieds ads for free on our classifieds page.



Each site has a forum or discussion feature where members can go to find information about pretty much anything. Someone new to town might use this feature to ask for help with finding amenities, events, or the best place to eat, perhaps.

City and Country Guides.

In one form or another, Angloinfo and InterNations provide a variety of guides and newsletters for cities and countries worldwide where each community can be found. It’s a neat feature that allows the user to look through the eyes of others who’ve been there before them and get all the tips and tricks beforehand. 

InterNations goes a few steps further, though, and has an Expat Magazine that covers a variety of topics, including living and moving abroad; repatriation; and culture shock

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You can advertise with both organizations. With InterNations, you can become a special offers partner, with your product or service tailored to meet a specific city or a global audience, accordingly. 

Angloinfo offers an advertising packet and video for more information. They also work with some high-level firms, including HSBC, ING, The Daily Telegraph, and Volvo.

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Here’s where things differ a little bit. Angloinfo offers franchises worldwide for interested entrepreneurs. It’s how they spread the word, as it were. “Each Angloinfo website is a complete stand-alone package…with useful content for the local international expat community.” So, if you were interested in opening up an Angloinfo franchise in, say, Nuuk, Greenland, you would take the concept and build on it, providing the resources and tips for expats in your area. Who better than someone already living there to spread the word?

InterNations has a team consisting of the two co-founders, 101 members, 907 Ambassadors, 4,865 Consuls who manage the site and work to meet member needs.

Both communities have career openings which can be found on their respective sites, as well.


Each organization has a blog that is truly worldwide in its content. Guest bloggers are welcome at InterNations, with a few guidelines for content. Angloinfo has submission guidelines on its “About Us” page.

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Internations has a neat feature: The Expat Insider. It is an expat survey, one of the largest in the world, and analyzes expat life in great detail. It’s a unique tool that gives users insights into what it’s like to work and live in different countries across the globe. It’s been around for three years and is a much sought-after resource by expats looking for in-depth information about the country of their choice.


Angloinfo has a very useful property search feature that will help users find the living solution of their choice worldwide. Whether it’s an apartment or house; land investment; temporary or permanent; rental or purchase; the property search tool will cover all bases. 

Charity work.

Angloinfo prides itself on its work with charity organizations. They help with volunteers, fundraising event advertising, public awareness campaigns, to name a few areas.  

InterNations has a volunteer program for members to work with people in need in their communities. This is a four-year-old program and has at least 4,000 participants so far. Fifteen cities currently participate, including, Berlin, Brussels, Hong Kong, Munich, and Montréal. 

As mentioned in our article on InterNations, members have a variety of ways to participate: fundraising, goods donation, knowledge transfer, Helping Hands, group activities, and One-on-One.



From what I’ve shown you above, InterNations and Angloinfo are very similar in their offerings. Both communities have been around for a long time and have a wide-reaching influence. 

Just like Expats Paris, these companies were each born out of a need to make it easier for expats to better adapt to their new country by providing information suited to the intrepid traveler. 

They serve a similar niche, in slightly different ways, but with the same goal.

Would I choose one over the other? 

I’m not so sure. 

They both offer excellent services and super-friendly online help when needed. 

There are lots of events on offer and more information at your fingertips than you can ever imagine.

Perhaps one advantage InterNations has over Angloinfo is that it doesn’t just cater to English speakers, though the site is in English. 

There are language specific groups to which people who speak other than English can participate and get the help they need.

Another cool feature for InterNations is its Ambassador and Consul programs.

Ambassadors are front and center with new community members, helping them adjust to life in their new, and strange (for now) environment. Consuls focus on members who share their interests, host activities and make connections, helping people feel welcome and involved.

In the end, it simply comes down to a matter of preference. 

And maybe for you, neither site is of interest and you prefer something a little bit smaller and intimate.  

Either way, the choice is always yours.

Over to you!

Did you enjoy this article? 

I hope so! 

Tell me of your preferences for expat communities. 

Anything in particular you like or dislike? 

Please leave a comment below. 

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