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Expatriates Magazine:  The anatomy of a Free Publication for Expatriates in Paris

Expatriates Magazine: The anatomy of a Free Publication for Expatriates in Paris

You’ve read articles about expat communities—large and small—and how they grew from obscurity to worldwide renown. A majority of these groups serve expats worldwide.

In this piece, we thought we’d share with you a little bit about an expat magazine that you’ve probably seen around town outside various shops, or even read online.

Its reason for existence is to serve expats who live in Paris. 

Are you ready?

paris-expatriates-magazineIssue N°16 of the Expatriates Magazine

Expatriates Magazine grew out of a need to serve immigrants living in Paris. It all began with a launch party in 2011 for the newly minted “Expatriates in Paris,” which was attended by over 300 people. It was a huge success, with lots of interaction, networking and fun between attendees from all walks of life. 

This gave the team the impetus to throw more parties, which grew into monthly events with a constantly burgeoning attendance as word spread. According to the site, “by the third quarter of 2011, Expatriates in Paris was privatizing venues (night clubs and boats), acquiring sponsors and organizing the largest international meetings in Paris.

As a result, Expatriates in Paris finally became Expatriate Party SAS, a French-registered company. This was celebrated with an expat event—naturally—and the launch of expatriate party, a social network for Parisian expats to talk online and exchange ideas.

The year 2012 saw the Expatriates in Paris group offering up to 4 events per week. “The total number of events organized reached 100 before the end of the year, bringing together in total, over 5,000 unique expatriates over a two-year period.” That year also saw membership increase to 11,000, cementing the community as the largest and fastest growing in Paris.

Taking their legacy one step further in 2013, the group launched a magazine. It was dubbed “Expatriates in Paris Magazine,” but is mostly known as simply “Expatriates Magazine.” Over the years, it has become the definitive free printed guide for expats in Paris and Ile de France. The first edition had a print run of 5,000 copies, and was distributed to up to 100 international organizations. The magazine also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

paris-expatriates-magazine-tweetScreenshot of a Tweet by @ExpatriatesMag

The Facebook page has over 10,700 likes and a lot of participation from Facebook users. You can even sign up for a newsletter and learn about upcoming events. As for Twitter, which the magazine joined in January 2013, there are over 1,000 followers, and the feed is just as active as Facebook, listing events, news bits, jobs, and so on. The Expatriates in Paris group that started it all has not disappeared. In fact, you can join on Facebook and keep up with the group and its exploits, as well as meet people like yourself who are in love with Paris. There are over 20,600 members to date.

The magazine is much sought after, and is now available online, too. You can contact the magazine for print copies, or go to one of the locations listed under “Collection and Distribution Points” to find your own hardcopy.

Articles cover a variety of topics including living, workplace, education, language and culture, family, going out, health, interview, business news, community news. You can read anything from information about upcoming events, tidbits on the language, more on “how the French do things,” as well as posts addressing doing business in France. Many articles feature the experiences of expats, interviewed as to how they came to live in Paris and why. What were their reasons? Did they have family here? Want to start over? Get married?

expatriates-magazine-homepagePrint version of  Expatriates Magazine’s collection points (screenshot)

And then, there is surviving in France once you’ve arrived, because face it, nothing’s like back home, so you have to learn to adapt. There are articles about French phone numbers, dealing with apartments and all the other tricky things that are part of life in Paris. It can be relatively painless, really, once you understand how everything works. When in France…you know.

If you’re interested in advertising with the magazine, there is a page on the site that you can fill out with the details of your ad.  There’s also an online store where an annual subscription can be bought and magazines shipped, whether or not you are in Paris. Those who live in Paris do get a discount, but you can have the printed copies delivered to your door worldwide. You can also become a sponsor for the magazine in this section.


The “Best of Paris” campaign is run by Expatriates Magazine. Every year, nominations are made in a variety of categories pertaining to all things Paris. 

For Best in Paris 2017, the site says “The Best of Paris 2017 will open in Spring. Nominations can be made before the official opening of the campaign.” There is a page where you can nominate a company, service or individual. It’s a great way to get to know the best of the best. Each year’s winners and notable mentions are featured in the Expatriates Magazine.

For Best in 2016, winners included: La Montreuilloise—best beer produced in Paris; Deliveroo—best food delivery service; Ari’s Bagels—best bagel in Paris; The Great Canadian—best sports bar in Paris; Jean-Luc Rambure—best tailor in Paris; Sokidy—best babysitting agency in Paris; Fontainebleau—best day trip in Paris; Free—best mobile phone operator in Paris; Dressing Factory—best for vintage in Paris; Berkeley Books—best Anglo bookshop in Paris; and many, many more.

If you have a burning desire to share your thoughts about Paris with the world, it’s easy enough to send in an article to the magazine. Simply click on “Submit Article” and you’re on your way. The page says “We are continually looking for fresh content and writers. If you’d like to submit an article let us know below and we will contact you. The content is submitted by expats & experts on a voluntary basis.”

expatriates-magazine-paris-winnerExpatriates Magazine Facebook Page Photos 

If you’re looking for employment, the “Jobs” section of the site can be helpful. It showcases available positions, but you can also post the kind of job you’re looking for: skydiver, rock climber, teacher, dentist... There are 23 pages of job listings as of last count.

Finding a place to live in a new country where you don’t speak the language can be an uphill battle. Expatriates Magazine has a “Rentals” section with over 70 listings on the site. You can post an ad for what you need, or browse what is already there by categories, such as bedrooms, house, studio, loft, and so forth.

Expatriates Magazine is truly the hub of all things Paris. The articles are well-written and very informative. Whether you are a single student, or have a family of four, you can find articles that will apply to you. Want to learn French? How to cook a French meal? Find out where to take salsa classes? Which festival is the best in Paris? These questions and more can be answered by the magazine. Currently, you can win tickets to Oktoberfest Paris, or attend the 40th annual AAWE Bazaar.

Best of all? It’s free! That’s how dedicated the staff are for Expatriates Magazine. Bringing you the best at no cost to you. 

Have you picked up a magazine as yet? 

Or downloaded it? You really, really should.

Thanks for reading! Did you enjoy this article? Have you read this magazine?

What are your thoughts? 

Please leave a comment below. 

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