Living and Working in Paris as an Expat in 2022

Living and Working in Paris as an Expat in 2022

Working in Paris as an Expat in 2022

If you are ever offered the chance to move to Paris, we highly recommend it!

The quality of life here is noted throughout the world and France ranks 25th in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation!

The people here are happier and healthier when compared to other developed nations.

And, the job market here is healthy and growing.

With sophisticated experiences, like going to live theater, ancient art galleries or the plethora of street performances living and working in Paris will prove to be one of the best choices that an expat has ever made!

The official work week in France is regulated so as to be no more than 35 hours.

What this means is if you work the 40-hour week found elsewhere in the world, you will be paid 5 hours of overtime.

So, Parisians make the most of their time, and you can too while you live there!

You can replace the rushed 30-minute breaks with a leisurely lunch and spend the evening strolling around the city after work.

In addition to the shorter work week, employees in France get five weeks of paid holiday and 13 public holidays each year.

This time off contributes to a better quality of life, but also provides ample opportunity for Parisians to dedicate to side hustles and freelance work.

If you enjoy food and food culture/history, then you will never be bored in Paris.
Paris has played a unique role in the history of food preparation, enlightening chefs and gourmet cooks all over the world.

It has served as the epicenter for both French recipes and regional specialties.

The food here remains one of the great attractions of the city itself, and the history reaches through all of time back to medieval food, royal food, and the food of great modern restaurants.

In addition to the restaurants, the next best way to get a flavor of Paris is to browse and shop her markets.

Paris is home to all sorts of different foods, produce, and ingredients not cultivated anywhere else on earth.

With the war-afflicted economy struggling throughout the European Union, it can be difficult for expats to find work, unless you have qualifications in high-demand sectors.

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for France was back up to around 10% after hitting a low of around 9%. This struggling economy is due – in part – to regulations that compel businesses to pay higher taxes.

Furthermore, the French economy has plateaued in recent years, making it harder to find work in any French city.

This doesn’t have to be an issue, though.

Working in Paris as an Expat
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One high-demand sector still seeking employees in France is child care!

Any opportunity working in a school, or as a nanny, tutor or a hospitality professional, will be seeking patient applicants who have the temperament to work with children.

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