Your boiler needs replacement, the roof is leaking, and the windows are decaying… 

These major repairs fall under the responsibility of your landlord, who must undertake them as soon as they become necessary. If your verbal requests go unheard, it’s advisable to switch to a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

In a rental agreement, a distinction is made between tenant-paid repairs and major repairs, which are the landlord’s responsibility. 

Tenant-paid repairs include maintenance and minor fixes. 

A detailed indicative list is provided in Decree No. 87-712 of August 26, 1987.

All other repairs are the landlord’s responsibility, especially when faulty equipment needs replacement.

Fill in this letter and send it to your landlord. 

Remember to send it as a Registered Letter with Acknowledgment of Receipt. This is Your Strongest Communication Tool when dealing with official stuff in France.

When dealing with important matters that require a documented trail and proof of delivery, the 

“Lettre recommandée avec avis de réception” (Registered Letter with Acknowledgment of Receipt) is your go-to choice. 

Use this letter sample to communicate with your landlord.