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Amazon FBA products’ researcher


As an Amazon FBA products’ researcher with proven success. I have a wide range of in-depth skills in this area. I have all the best tools for profitable product research: Jungle Scout Pro, Helium10, Viral Launch, Merchantwords, Keepa, XRay, I am the data, I do market research, but not only, because you need experience and have the flair not to fall into some trap that experience we learn 


I will use what I have learned over the years to do your Amazon product search and find your next potential Amz bestseller based on the following criteria:

Uncomplicated products

No seasonality.

No barriers, no certification, no authorizations 

Average reviews 40-85 max 

low competition and high demand.

Niche to developer

The average income of €5000-€15000 per month.

Keyword search.

There is room for improvement, ideas for differentiation.


  1. Product choice
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Market demands 
  4. Trends
  5. Statistics
  6. Supplier Info
  7. Reviews need for ranking on the first page 

price starting at €60 for 1 Product research + Data analysis

Languages freelancer can speak