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List Of Tech Investors in Paris, France


I have a business idea for a data-related startup that needs some outside private investment.

So, I’ve been using my lead generation skills to know who I need to reach out to in Paris…I’ve come up with a list of 100 active key tech investors, investment firms, CEOs, founders, VCs, and Family offices in Paris.

These are people that invest individually or are part of a community of investors…I mean, these people are the driving force behind what you may call the “FRENCH TECH”

I want to share this list with you so that you can reach out…or, you never know, maybe one day you’ll get to pitch your startup idea or investment opportunity to one of them…who knows?

The list includes

  • Company names
  • Company websites
  • First and last name of CEO/Founder (who are also investors themselves, by the way)
  • Corporate Email address of CEO/Founder
  • CEO/Founder Linkedin Url
  • Corporate Phone numbers
  • Company Linkedin Url

The delivery for this service comes in an Excel file.

These are incredible leads….I mean, all that drives the French Startup scene.

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