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Strategic Recommendations for Your Events


Are you encountering difficulties in strategizing your upcoming event?

I’m an event professional. In fact, I breathe event strategy day and night.

I have been able to design my own private and public events online, offline and hybrids.

I have also helped my clients in Paris and all over France with strategic recommendations on how to approach, manage and benefit from their events…Yes, events are a marketing tool and I strongly believe you should be able to gain something quantifiable when hosting or managing an event.

My work process:

  1. Brainstorming session: I will have a zoom/phone/coffee chat with you to get a better understanding of what you’re working on and looking for.
  2. I will come up with and send you a list that contains simple, but very effective strategies/recommendations you must deploy to get your objectives met throughout your event.
  3. Strategies/recommendations I’ll send you are simple to deploy on your own as long as you’re disciplined enough and understand the rules of event management.
  4. Recommended tasks can as well be deployed by my team in Paris, but this is a different service altogether (contact me for more details on this).
  5. Please note that the €60 fee indicated here is for the “Brainstorming session” and my shortlist of about 5 to 6 tasks to deploy.

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