Additionally, students in Paris must juggle adjusting to life in a new city along with their many other responsibilities. Thus, it’s important for college students to have flexibility, making being a freelancer the perfect choice.

Why are Freelance Jobs Great for College Students?

As a freelancer, you are self-employed. That means setting your own hours and creating your own rates. Being a freelancer also enables you to work with a variety of clients. The versatility and adaptability are some of the top reasons college students choose freelance jobs. 

Flexibility in Schedules

Freelancers can set their own schedules by choosing which projects to take on to best fit their availability. As a freelancer, the majority of your work can usually be done at home. Many freelancers work from home to avoid lengthy office commutes. Additionally, freelancers can choose to work in the environment most comfortable for them, such as libraries, coffee shops, and dorm rooms. This will give you more opportunities to explore and get to know Paris and the local area than another job would give you.

Side Income

Even students who already have a job can benefit from earning a side income as a freelancer. Freelancers can set their own prices and find jobs with rates that work best for them. 

As a freelancer, you can easily find jobs that match your experience level, even as your experience level changes. 

You can accept as many or as few projects as you want, depending on your financial goals and how much time you have available. 

Living expenses in Paris can be high, so any extra income can be of great benefit.

Most college students want to further explore their career interests outside the classroom. Freelancing allows you to do just that. Freelancing allows you to get experience in diverse fields of study you may otherwise struggle to find work in while at college. You can use this experience to figure out what type of work you enjoy most and base future career decisions on these findings. 

Here’s our quick list of what we believe are the perfect Freelance jobs for college students in Paris.

Online Tutor

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students have switched to online schooling. Since these students often lack daily interaction with their teachers, many of these students are seeking online tutors. College students can use their academic strengths to tutor other students in subject areas they excel in. Language tutors are also often in demand, and perhaps your time spent learning French for your time in Paris will be a benefit to you here as well. 

Graphic Designer

For college students interested in graphic design, working as a freelance graphic designer is an amazing opportunity to develop skills that will aid them in their future careers. Additionally, freelance graphic designing can be used to build resumes while still in college. While working as a freelance graphic designer, you will encounter a variety of projects that will allow you to explore multiple styles and develop your skills. Completed projects can be added to your portfolio. A strong portfolio drastically improves your chances of landing a job in the future.  

Each project you complete builds your portfolio and is another step towards your career goals in France, Europe, or elsewhere. 

Social Media Manager

For students well-versed in social media, becoming a freelance social media manager is a great idea. This involves creating content, interacting with followers, and creating a consistent posting calendar. Since social media has become a major part of marketing and is essential for influencers, the need for freelancers who can manage and grow social platforms is more prevalent than ever.


The demand for writers is always present. The ability to write well, whether that means writing blog posts, ad copies, social media captions, or newsletters, is a highly coveted skill. Like graphic design and similar creative freelance jobs, being a freelance writer allows you to grow your portfolio in the creative field. 

Website Developer

If you enjoy creating websites and want to help businesses create platforms to showcase their products online, becoming a freelance website developer may be a great option for you. Proficiency in coding is a highly desirable skill. Business owners want website developers to create sites to help them stand out. Thus, being able to create a unique code from scratch to make an individualized website will allow you to charge higher prices. 

Explore Freelance Jobs

A flexible schedule, a side income, and the ability to develop skills and career interests are some of the most enticing reasons to explore a freelance career as a college student. With the wide variety of freelance jobs available, almost anyone can find a job to fit their skill set. You just need to know where to look.

For creative freelance jobs such as graphic design, writing, social media management, and web development, Expats Paris is a great option for marketing your services and finding projects.

Each project you complete builds your portfolio and is another step towards your career goals in France, Europe, or elsewhere. 

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