Best jobs for freelance artists


The entertainment industry greatly focuses on talent paired with skills. The majority of the designers we have in the entertainment industry have been able to make children, and also us adults glued to the screen of our devices just by giving life to some of their drawings. It does not matter how old, or rich someone is, when a good animation comes to play we stop whatever we are doing momentarily and allow ourselves the luxury to be absorbed in the fantasy world expertly crafted for us by these artists. As a result, there has been a great need for entertainment industries to employ such artists who can work online and in the comfort of their homes. So if you can draw cartoons with a great storyline behind them, hit the internet and signup to some of these sites like Fiverr and Upwork and watch as your talent and skill feed you from the comfort of your home.


Certified voice coaches are marketing their skills online and building a client base that is growing by the day. Some degree courses will have to be taken and so do some certified courses. If you pair the certifications with talent in music and can hit high notes and regulate your voice to sound magical, musical, and at the same time comfortable, you need to look no further. You can put your talent into practice by helping aspiring musicians to sound angelic from the comfort of your home.


Learning a skill is what the majority of us wish we can do. Playing at least a musical instrument such as the piano, the guitar, and the violin would make the majority of us proud. If you have these skills and can do it well, then you can start your own online business for teaching people how to play some of these instruments. It is prestigious and some people are willing to pay handsomely just to learn how to play a musical instrument.


A good storyline can only be created by a creative mind. Movies require a good scriptwriter. With the thousand of movies on the internet nowadays a good script writer is an added advantage because you are competing with thousands if not millions. Not forgetting the comedy industry where we have stand-up comedians. If your niche is writing stand-up comedy scripts, there are a lot of opportunities for you. The bottom line is if theatre interests you and you have a creative mind there is an opportunity to showcase your talent.


The 21st century has numerous ways of entertainment and gaming is one of them. From virtual reality games to common computer games. Developers create these games and sell them at a handsome fee. So imagine the amount of money you would make just by developing these skills. what is even more interesting is that you can learn how to develop a game from the internet and some sites will even certify you as a game developer. After that, you get to set up your portfolio and showcase what you can do on your website. Literally, money meets you at home. Isn’t that cool?


Many people listen to podcasts as a way of relaxing as they drive home from a long day at work, or when sitting in traffic. Podcasts soothe people more so if the voice of the podcaster is engaging. To come up with a fictional or nonfictional podcast, professional podcasters seek the services of creative writers and editors. These writers and editors can be found on online job working sites and they are in demand. Again this solely depends on your language mastery, creativity, and authenticity. If you possess these then you should be thinking about how to set up your profile.

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