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The French cosmopolitan is a land of wonder, opportunity, and some really good bagels! Needless to say, living in Paris can feel like a massive culture shock when you’re not originally from here. The city is incredibly fast-paced and requires its residents to keep up in terms of social, professional, and intellectual scope. That’s exactly why Expats Paris was established in the first place. We are a tightly knit community of expatriates eager to ease the journey of our fellow Parisians and Parisians to be!


We strive to assist our valued community members in their journey toward limitless growth, achievement, and success.


You’re eager to embrace everyday life regardless of the challenges you might have to face. Rest assured, our platform provides unquestionable access to business, personal, social, and intellectual resources in Paris.


By sharing compelling job offers, providing independent workers in France and Europe greater freedom to showcase their skills, and helping people expand their careers, Expats Paris is your one-stop-shop for never-ending opportunities. We share all the happening news relevant to healthcare, law, business, and security in France. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! What’s life without a little fun sometimes? Boring! And Expats Paris is the farthest thing from it. Thus, we also host amazing events our members can attend to unwind, relax and connect with other ex-pats in the blooming city of lights. Plus, if you hail from English-speaking groups around the world, we will inform you of everything exciting related to similar communities within Paris.



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