Paris is a beautiful city with a vibrant culture and rich history, but like any other place, emergencies can happen. Whether you’re a resident or a newly arrived expatriate, it’s crucial to be prepared and aware of the emergency contact numbers available in Paris. In this piece, we’re sharing (as a reminder since we suppose that anyone reading already knows) a few essential emergency numbers to ensure your safety and well-being while living in the City of Lights.

1. Medical Emergency (Samu) – 15

In a medical emergency, dial 15 to reach Samu, the French emergency medical service. They provide immediate assistance and can dispatch an ambulance if needed. Stay on the line, provide details, and follow their instructions.

2. SOS Médecins Grand Paris: Visiting doctor service – 3624 or 01 47 07 77 77

SOS Médecins offers medical emergency services and unscheduled general medical care 24/7 in Paris, as well as in most of the towns in the following departments: Seine-Saint-Denis (93), Hauts-de-Seine (92) and Val-de-Marne (94). SOS Médecins provides general medical, emergency, and out-of-hours visits and those for continuity of care, at your home, at your workplace or even if your GP is away.

3. Police – Gendarmerie – 17

For all law enforcement matters, including reporting a crime or seeking police assistance, dial 17 to reach the police or gendarmerie.

4. Fire Department (Pompiers) – 18

If you encounter a fire or require assistance in any fire-related situation, dial 18 to contact the fire department (Pompiers). They’re equipped to handle fires, rescue operations, and other emergencies.

5. European Emergency Number (112)

The European emergency number, 112, gives you access to medical, police, and fire services. It’s a universal emergency number you can use throughout Europe, including France.

6. Samu Social – 115

Samu Social assists homeless individuals in need of shelter, medical care, and social services. If you encounter someone in distress on the streets, dial 115 to request help.

7. Missing Children – 116 000

The number 116 000 is dedicated to reporting missing children. If you ever come across a situation involving a missing child, contact this number immediately to help reunite families.

8. Child Protection – 116 111

To report cases of child abuse or endangerment, call 116 111. Your call can make a significant difference in ensuring a child’s safety.

9. After-Hours Medical Care (116 117)

When you need medical assistance outside regular hours (evenings, weekends, and holidays), dial 116 117 to reach after-hours medical care. They’ll connect you with an available doctor for urgent medical needs.

10. Hearing Impaired – 114

If you or someone you know has hearing impairments and requires emergency assistance, you can send an SMS to 114. This service is designed to help those with hearing difficulties access emergency services.

11. Aeronautical Emergency – 191

In the event of an aeronautical emergency, such as an incident at an airport, dial 191 to request immediate assistance from the appropriate authorities.

12. Maritime Emergency – 196

If you encounter an emergency at sea or along the coast, call 196 to reach maritime emergency services.

13. Terrorist Attack or Kidnapping Alert – 197

197 is the dedicated number to report and receive information about terrorist attacks or kidnappings. Staying informed and vigilant is crucial during such incidents.

Living in Paris is an exciting experience, but it’s essential to be prepared for emergencies. These emergency contact numbers are your lifeline in times of crisis, ensuring that you can quickly access the help you need. Share this list with fellow expatriates, so everyone can feel safe and secure while enjoying all that Paris has to offer. Stay informed, stay safe, and enjoy your time in the City of Lights.

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